Statutory Information for Local Board

Tadpole Farm CE Primary Academy Local Board Composition

 Name Category of Local Board Member   Appointing Body  Term of Office  Committees Served  Positions of responsibility Pecuniary & Non Pecuniary Interests
Sue Wilkinson DBAT Board Member 
DBAT  4 Years from 01/05/16 Finance and Premises Chair of Local Board, 
Leadership and Management Representative Safeguarding Representative
Karen Silvester Foundation Governor  PCC / DBAT   4 years from 10-12-14 Finance & Premises Vice Chair
Quality of Learning & Teaching Representative
Linda Culling Foundation Governor PCC / DBAT

 4 years from 6-2-17

Arthur Loveday Foundation Governor PCC DBAT  4 years from 28-3-17      
Vacancy Foundation Governor PCC / DBAT  (4 Years)       
Vacancy  Foundation Governor PCC / DBAT  (4 Years)      
Sharon Bennett-Thomas Ex-officio Foundation Member    Till interregnum  Staffing & Curriculum Christian Ethos
Child Protection Lead
Early Years Representative
 Paul Gale   Community    Member Local Board with consent of Main Board   4 years from 28/03/2017      
Emma Smith Staff Member
(Currently maternity leave)
 TFCEPA 4 Years 1-9-14  Staffing & Curriculum    None 
 Alison Flynn      Staff Member  TFCEPA        None
Anne-Marie Young Parent Member   Parent body 4 years from 1-1-1-17     None
Simon Goodyear Parent Member Parent Body

4 years from 1-1-1-17

Jane Leo School Principal   Until resignation/     None
Vacancy Clerk to the Local Board TFCEPA Until resignation     None
     All details correct as of July  2017  


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