Hedgehog Class YN Autumn 1 week 5

This week, just like everyone else in Tadpole Farm, the Hedgehogs have been busy thinking and learning about Harvest. We have read the story 'Oliver's Vegetables' and talked about vegetables and fruit and where they come from and also what we do and don't like eating. For one of our snacks we even had fruit tasting and lots of us were very brave and tried lots of new things! We've also been developing our cutting skills by chopping up a variety of vegetables to explore the different textures and see what they look like inside. Outside, we've been enjoying playing in our allotment, acting out planting seeds and talking about what they need to grow, and also watering the real plants we have in our garden. As if that wasn't enough to keep us busy we have been getting creative doing vegetable paint printing, making scarecrow collage faces, and singing songs about farms and scarecrows too! No wonder we are all tired by Friday!



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