News of the Week


Reception and Nursery have been busy being artists and creating beautiful dots after reading 'The Dot' by Peter H Reynolds. I think you'll agree, their display looks fabulous!




The children have loved mark-making in the garden this week. They have been creating robots, houses and boats out of cardboard boxes and drawing around each other with the chalks.




The children have been making lots of friends and have really impressed the teachers with their friendship and kindness values this week. They are taking turns and sharing the resources beautifully. 




The children have loved sharing their 'All About Me' bags with each other. They listened to what was special to each other and enjoyed telling and showing their friends their bag's trinkets. 


We have had our second lesson of PE this week and we managed to get the time it takes them to change down from 47 minutes to 22 minutes!!! This is still a very long time so if you could practise dressing with your child, we would all be very grateful!!!  Please remember coats as it is getting chillier. If your child hasn't brought in their wellies yet, please also ensure they come in soon.

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