Y5 - News of the Week

In Hares class we have been loking at roman numerals. We did a crossword to make sure we know them. It was very enjoyable and we hope to do it again soon. In gtammar we have focused on embedded clauses and subordinate clauses. This was pleasant because we got to make our own sentences. Just from that, it has helped us extremeley too.

Our topic this term is The Universe. We have made various space eqnuiry topics and they are all fun to do.

Inspired by our topic, our class book is The Jamie Drake Equation. It is interesting and includes a lot of cliffhangers!

Written by Saint O

Today I am going to be talking about what we have been learning in Year 5. Our topic is the Universe. We're learning about how the sunrises in the morning and sets in the night. We do carousels all the time for English and maths, it helps us to learn differnt types of things every day. It helps is to learn and get better at all the tasks that Miss Pearson gives us.

Written by Hanna W