Welcome to Term 2

Welcome to Term 2!

Hares class have been getting to grips with their new topic on the Victorians. They have even been banned from using the Chrome books for their research and have been making fact books to help with their upcoming enquiry. They are also learning the new rules of the classroom such as standing up whenever an adult walks in the room - it is interesting to see who is paying attention...

Miss Pearson


This week Hares class has done lots of things to do with the Victorians. We did Victorian handwriting and if you got it wrong, your work would be ripped up and get sent to the chair!





We also made stained glass windows for Remembrance which look very pretty on the window.

Written by Hanna


After half term, we had a very tough day at Victorian school. We did Victorian handwriting and we had to do it perfectly otherwise it would get ripped up in your face and you would have to sit on the chair.


Written by Saint