Computers and Science Experiments

This week, someone from New College came and talked to us about IT skills and we did some pixel art and transferring the pixel art. 

In science we were doing dissolving with our own materials: flour, salt, biscuits, sugar and salt and we worked in our enquiry groups too. 

We have also done a fraction learning carousel and we have our Christmas carols coming up. In enquiry we are still on the Victorians and we learned about Victorian slavery.

Written by Saint

This week in Hares class we had some vpecial visitors come over from New College to teach us about IT. He taught us how people code to make websites and morse code too. Also, in science we looked at soluble and insolube. We tested them out using things like biscuits and cocoa powder. Reception class put on a dress rehearsal for their nativity. It was hard for them but they showed a lot of courage!

Written by Hanna