Y5 - News of the Week

In Years 5 and 6, we have had a hook day and our new topic is Asia. We have been focusing on 5 countries: China, Japan, India, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Our activities were origami, willow plates, henna hands and decorating elephants. We have all chosen one Asian country and will do activities from it to make a project. Everyone enjoyed our new topic and we are looking forward to what comes next.

Written by Joseph

On Thursday 10th January 2019, it was a very exciting day for some year 5 children! Year 5 Hares class had a Mini Police ceremony. It was where 16 year 5 students had an opportunity to become a mini police officer. Each child had a cap with a Wiltshire police badge on.

Making a pledge

They also had years 3 and 4 join to watch the ceremony and parents were also invited to join. The Chief Commisioner made a speech and answered some questions. The children were also handed a vest, each which said 'Mini Police' on the back.

The Chief Commisioner handing out the uniforms

Everyone really enjoyed it and we thanked the police for picking us as one of the three schools in Swindon taking part.

Our Year 5 Mini Police Team


Written by Mionie