Y4 - News of the Week

We have had lots of fun over the last couple of weeks with; comic relief, forest schools, science week and all of the other exciting things we get up to. 

In science, we explored sound- we made instruments which we could change the pitch on; explored how sound is made by vibrations; looked at how the strength of the vibrations affect pitch and how sound waves can move objects. 

In class we have been developing our writing skills ready for our Iron Man stories. We have been using ambitious vocabulary and colour charts to help us look at feelings. 

During enquiry time this week, the children decided it was too nice to stay inside and moved most of the Wood Mouse classroom ourside. It was lovely to see them working in the beautiful sunshine; even if they did lose some of their work to the wind!

We hope you all had a lovely Mother's day and our forest school pictures will be put up soon.