Summer 1 Week 4 and 5

The last two weeks have been really exciting! We had a note from a Pirate called Pete... He wanted us all to be part of his Pirate crew! Although, in order to do that, we had to complete some special jobs and challenges. We have worked really hard by making hats, eye patches, maps, telescopes, swords and treasure! We are sure Pirate Pete will be so impressed with our creations! 


We have looked at sorting Pirate Pete’s treasure from heaviest to lightest using weighing scales and have had to explain how we know which is heavier or lighter. We are doing a great job at answering maths questions using full sentences with an explanation!


Pirate Pete has also left us some Mathematical problems to solve. These have included: combining groups together to find the total and doubling and sharing! To help us solve the problems, we used counters. Some of us have even had a go at thinking about how this would be shown in a number sentence.


We thought about what Pirate Pete might look like, and also what we might look like if we were a pirate. As a class, we listed some ideas and then we each completed a pirate description. It was fun to imagine and write about ourselves as pirates!

The following week, we used our imaginations to make up our own pirate or mermaid stories which included a simple beginning, middle and end. Some stories even built up suspense! Miss Cowan and Mrs Longhurst think we have some brilliant authors in our classes. They are so impressed with the way we are trying to use both Phase 2 and Phase 3 phonics within our writing whilst using a sound mat to help us if needed.

Another challenge Pirate Pete set us was to create a ship. We talked about what ships and boats need whilst using the key vocabulary: floating and sinking. We decided that we needed to make a ship which would float, so we tested lots of different materials to see if they would do a good job. Once we created our ships, we tested them in the water tray.

To develop the under the sea theme, we created different sea animals using egg boxes. We made some brilliant representations of turtles, fish, octopus, jelly fish and whales!

In PE, we have been focusing on dance. We have worked together in small groups to create our own pirate dance routine. Have a look on Tapestry to see them, they are brilliant!

On the final day of term, we had a fantastic time at our pirate party. Unfortunately, Pirate Pete had some jobs to do and was therefore unable to get to us in time for the party. He was stuck on his ship in sunny Barbados! We still had a great time partying like pirates. We practised balancing when walking the plank, we swept the deck and enjoyed playing together and acting out our own stories whilst dressed up as pirates. It was a lovely way to end the term.



Well done Owls and Squirrels, you all showed that you can be super pirates for a pirate crew!

Have a lovely Half Term and we will see you all in Term 6!