Spring 2 Week 5 and 6

In the final two weeks of this term, we have been looking at our last traditional tale: Jack and the Beanstalk. 

We were so excited to see different clues to our new story hidden around our classroom including extremely large footprints being left in our garden, a golden egg and some beans! 


We have really enjoyed writing messages to the Giant on giant pieces of paper using big handwriting so that he would be able to see them. We have also been busy in the garden thinking of different ways to catch the Giant by creating different traps.


We have also been exploring length as the Giant left us a message asking us to measure his shoe size!  We used non-standard measures such as counters, multi-link cubes and blocks to do this. We also had a go at using standard measures like a ruler. We worked at using mathematical language linking to length and showed that we could order them by their size. 


Towards the end of the week, we planted our own special beans. We discussed what the beans will need in order to grow and we are really excited to take them home over the half term and watch them grow and see if they reach the clouds and castle!


We hope that you all have a brilliant half term and a Happy Easter. See you all in Term 5!