Summer 2 Week 2

This week in Owl and Squirrel class, we have had a visitor called Pog. Pog is a Wizard and has set us lots of challenges to do! 


Pog told us that his potion book had vanished and asked for our help to re-write some new ones for him. We have had great fun thinking of all kinds of different things that we could put into a potion! We have been really imaginative with our ideas and have really enjoyed thinking of what our potion would do... Would it make someone disappear? Shrink? Or maybe turn them into an animal?

Pog also needed our help with numbers one day. He had a sequence of numbers up to 20, but some of the numbers had disappeared! We worked hard to decide which numbers had disappeared and discussed how we knew this. 

We have loved exploring and experimenting with the potion station whilst pretending to be Wizards ourselves! This has given us the opportunity to be curious and to think critically about capacity. We had lots of different sized and shaped containers which we did a fantastic job at ordering by size. We have used mathematical language to describe the potions in the containers, such as them being full, half full or empty and discussed different measurement language too. 



We hope that you all have a lovely bank holiday weekend and will see you all back to school on Tuesday! laugh