Summer 2 Week 3

We have had a really exciting week this week! A special little door appeared in our classroom with a tiny note which told us that fairies were here to visit. They had so many questions for us as our world looked so much different than their Fairyland and they asked us if we had any questions to ask them. We thought of some brilliant questions to ask them, like why do they have wings and we don't? What are their names? Why are they here?

The fairies had also asked us to write a story that they could take back to the baby fairies at Fairyland. We have loved this challenge and have been so imaginative! We have used the small world area to help inspire us with our story telling and story writing. We've done fantastic writing which has been shrunk and put into a mini fairy stories books so that the fairies could take it back with them to Fairyland! 


The fairies left us some problems to solve too. They asked us to order some different Ben and Holly characters from shortest to tallest and use our mathematical vocabulary to explain how we knew they were in the correct order. They had also left word problems and we used different objects or whiteboards to show our answers and reasoning. Some of us even had a go at writing the problem as a number sentence! 


We have been exploring using different materials to make our own fairy house. We have been carefully selecting resources and are really looking forward to showing you all at home our creations!