Y2 - News of the Week

We've had a great start to the term so far in Year Two! 

In English, we have looked at reciting poems and even written our own Haiku's. We have started to look at fables and thought about identifying the messages and values that are shown within them. Next week, we will be trying to write our own.


In Maths, we have been learning to partition to solve addition sentences which has helped us to see the tens and units in a number too! This week, we have been using directional language to follow and give instructions. 

Our challenge time has also been a bit different this term as we are having a go at KS2 style 'enquiry'. Our big question for the term is 'What makes a sports person significiant?' We have been researching sports, sports people and how they stay healthy. We are working on lots of ways to show off our learning such a tally charts and graphs, instructions and demonstraion videos. Get ready for lots of videos on Seesaw at the end of term!