Summer 2 Week 3

This week we learnt even more about the super speedy and super inspirational Mo Farah. The Year 1s loved our book last week that we all wrote letters to Mo this week. We're posting  collection of Tadpole letters to Mo and hopefully he will reply to us! We also wrote fact files about Mo and recalled the features of non-fiction and factual information. We're hoping to channel some of Mo's speediness as we head into Sports Week this week...

The Badgers and Foxes were also learning all about measuring this week in Maths! We timed how many things we could do in a minute, like jumps, skips and blinks. We weighed objects and made them balance using numicon and balance scales, and we practised drawing straight lines of different heghts with a ruler. 

We have also been learning about the artist Archimboldo in Art and got creative with fruit and pictures of fruit and veg in some collage portraits this week! Here are the Badgers during our Art lesson this week after a comparison of some Archimboldo portraits. We looked at what was the same and different, and thought about how we could show each facial feature. Try at home and see how many different ways you can use fruit or vegetables to make pictures!