Summer 2 Week 1 and 2

Welcome back Owls and Squirrels to Term 6... Your final term in Reception! surprise

On the first day back to school, we had a visitor... his name is 'Dave the Explorer Bear'! Dave had written us a postcard explaining that he wanted to go on adventures with us. The first adventure is: Safari! 

We thought about what we know about Safari including what animas we might see! We then made some binoculars and went on Safari where we saw lots of different animals and learnt different facts about them all. We had great fun!


But Dave the Explorer Bear forgot to join us! So we had to write him a postcard to explain what we had seen which we completed brilliantly. 

We have also had great fun writing some riddles where we had to use the facts we learnt and see if anyone could guess what animal we were describing! 


We have also spent time problem solving in maths. We have focused on both addition and subtraction word problems. We have used concrete objects to help us work out the answer and some of us thought about how this would be represented as a number sentence.

We have enjoyed being creative by making our own representations of animals we saw on Safari. 


We also spent some time with Reverend Sally who created a Prayer Space for us to visit. We all really enjoyed this experience where we had time to reflect and participate in great talk where we also had the opportunity to ask some brilliant questions. 


We look forward to updating you with our next adventure with Dave the Explorer Bear...