Summer 2 Week 3

We have had such an exciting week this week! Dave the Explorer Bear told us that he wants to find out more about farms. We thought about what we know already and what we would like to find out. We were so excited that we'd find out more on our first YR school trip to Roves Farm! 

At Roves Farm, we saw lots of different farm animals and we could even handle and feed some! The lady who took us around told us lots of information about the different animals and plants around the farm so we learnt lots. We have written a recount of what we saw, what we did and what we liked the most. 


This week in maths, we have been looking at doubling. We have used ladybird spots to help us with this and have been experimenting with lots of different numbers to try and challenge ourselves. 

We have enjoyed using the playdough to make representations of fruit, veg and farm animals and have had great fun using our Farm Shop role play area!