Summer 2 Week 4

This week has been Sports Week and it has been so much fun! 

On Monday, an outside company came to school to teach us some golf skills. We all persevered really well by trying our hardest to focus and have an accurate aim. We had the opportunity to put and chip the golf ball and did a super job! We had to patiently wait our turn whch we did brilliantly and we cheered each other on which was great.


We also ran some laps around the school field, taking part in Race for Life. We were all so proud of our accomplishment and enjoyed showing off our medals!


We have shown great team-work this week as one of our challenges was to work together to build an obstacle course. This was such a fun challenge that we all enjoyed participating in! We had hoops, bean bags, tunnels and hurdles which we used to create our obstacle course and we worked brilliantly together. 

We have talked and written about our favourite sports and thought about why we like them so much. We have also discussed different sporting events which are on at the moment, including: Women's World Cup and Cricket World Cup. 

To end our Sports Week, we participated in a dance class. This was where another outside company came in to teach us about the skills needed to dance. We listened really well and had the opportunity to follow instructions and create a dance which was super enjoyable!

Unfortunately we were unable to complete Sports Day this week due to poor weather which is such a shame as we were ready and excited for it after all of our practising over the last few weeks! We are pleased that we are going to have the opportunity to use these skills another time very soon.