YN Summer 2 week 5

This week in Hedgehogs we have continued our exploration of under the sea looking at 'The Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfister and doing activities exploring all the wonderful patterns and colours the fish is adorned with. We have been making our own fish collages and decorating fish on the interactive whiteboard, carefully placing the colourful pegs in the peg board and using the outside coloured construction to create colourful designs, creating our own patterns on playdough, and exploring floating and sinking in the water tray. On top of that we have had a very exciting week getting to move up to our new reception classes and meet our new teachers and explore our new classrooms and in Hedgehogs we've had all our new children coming in and meeting us before they come and start start big school in September. Wow! So much going on and what a lot of exciting changes for us all! How are we growing up so fast?!