Autumn 1 Week 7

We're nearing the end of Autumn 1 and the Badgers and Foxes have been counting how many days we've been in school. By next Wednesday we'll have had 36 days in Year 1! We've learnt so much in this time and have settled into our routines so well. We can't believe we've only had 36 days together! Just think of all the super learning we'll be able to do in the next 30 days! :) 

This week we've been measuring objects this week using some important maths comparison words to help us tell our friends about them: longer, longest, shorter, shortest, taller and tallest. We compared length, measured using non-standard units (such as our own hands and feet) and then learnt about the need for a standard unit of measure. We used 1cm cubes to measure some rockets and planets and told our friends how tall they were. 

Thank you for your efforts in bringing in the children's pick and mix home learning this week. We were so impressed with the variety and the effort that had gone into each piece! The children loved sharing their home learning with their friends and they asked some super questions to each other.