Autumn 2 Week 1

Welcome back to our Fox and Badger families! We are in our second term in Year 1 and we have had a super first week learning all about our new topic: 'We All Have Happy Feet'! We're learning about cold places like Antarctica, the animals that live there and the differences between them and where we live! 

We had a brilliant Hook Day on Tuesday - we began our day by wrapping up warm and going on our very own adventure to Antarctica! While we were there, we found out about a little penguin called Percy who had found himself lost and separated from the rest of his penguin family. Through our activities, we thought about where Percy might have got to! We created a snowy landscape by making snowflakes, we practised our penguin waddling and throwing in some games, we thought about what Antarctic explorers might need to wear and pack so we could go and help, we thought about the friends who could help him find his way and we uncovered lots of Percy's friends in the ice! What a day!

We also had a second mystery to solve this week! A big mess had been left in our classes and we put on our detectives hats to investigate the area and come up with some ideas as to what happened. We eventually found out that Stick Man had come to visit! We read his story and will be thinking lots more about his adventure over the coming weeks. 

We've also been busy practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s this week - please help us to keep practising at home to get even more confident!