Spring 1 Week 1

Welcome back, Badgers and Foxes! We've had a super start to the new year and to our new topic 'You've got a Friend in Me' this week. We're thinking about all the different wonderful people who can help us, the way the jobs have changed over time and what each person does. 

This week we started our week with hook day. We made firefighter hats, used the chromebooks to turn ourselves into police officers, we thought about animals who help us and learnt some important first aid skills! 

Later this week, we dusted off our magnifying glasses as there was a mystery at Tadpole Farm to be solved! An enormous bag of letters had been left in the hall, all mixed up! Who were they to? Who put them there? We had so many different ideas and used the clues to help us explain our suggestions. We eventually found out that the Jolly Postman had dropped his bag of letters and they'd all been muddled up! Luckily, after reading the book he left us, we could put them back in the correct envelopes so they can be delivered back to their rightful owners!