Term 3 Week 2

When we arrived to class on Monday we noticed something different... There were lots of different vegetables which were trapped!!! We explored the class, thinking about who might have done it and where they have came from!

We then read Supertato and that explained it all... We decided we must catch the Evil Pea to stop him from catching anyone or anything else! We have had great fun using our imaginations to create different ways to try to trap Evil Pea. Some of us have drawn ideas, some of us have built things in our construction areas and some of us have written 'Wanted' posters which we have displayed throughout the school so everyone knows who to look out for!


This week, we have been observing fruit and vegetables to see if we notice any changes which happen in time. Some of them changed a lot from Monday to Friday! Ask us what happened to the fruit and vegetables in our curiosity cube and why it happened! 

We have also had great fun using our new ASDA role play area! We have pretended to be customers going shopping to buy different things whilst some of us have been the shop keepers to serve. It has been great! We've had a go at pricing different items and writing labels for ones which weren't priced. We've even been given challenges to read a phonetically spelt shopping list to see if we can 'buy' the correct items on the list! 


In Maths this week, we've been using weighing scales to weigh different vegetables to find out which is the heaviest and which is the lightest. Our challenge this week was to find a vegetable which was heavier than a potato and to find a vegetable which was lighter than a potato! It was so good to explore using the weighing scales, lots of us had some great 'what if' questions which we wanted to experiment with! 

We wonder if we've done enough this week to keep the Evil Pea away?