Coronavirus Information Update morning 16.03.20

Morning All,

Based on feedback from staff this morning the message remains the same:-

School will be:

Open  - all classes

Hot dinners will be:

Served as normal

LilyPad will be:

Open normal hours

Don’t forget that, if you can offer to help support us to stay open if that were needed, there is a form collecting such offers here It would really help our planning. 

Please remind your children that some of the children in our school have coughs because they have asthma or other lung conditions ie they are, for those children, normal everyday coughs and they are not infectious.  We all need to be kind and considerate to others and remember that words can hurt  - please help them to be understanding and live our school values.  

Message for parents whose children are involved in the Junior Voice Festival this week - we expect to hear from the organisers on Monday and will let you know their decision as soon as possible.  

Kind regards