Coronavirus Update Evening 20.3.20

Hello All


Thank you so much for the supportive messages and care you have shown to us as a school community this week - if there is something good to come out of this, it shows that Tadpole Farm CE Primary Academy is a brilliant, caring community made up of parents, children, governors, staff, groups we regularly work with and all our other supporters - that’s what we set out to build and, oh my, has this situation shown what we have achieved together.


Updates for today:-


1. All those of you who completed our form and needed your children in school on Monday and onwards for the next two weeks we look forward to seeing you next week - we will accommodate every child that has a place requested for them. If for some reason you didn’t fill in the form it is here On Monday we will be opening at 8:30, normal drop zone times for dropping off up to 8:50 - pick up for all children is 3:30 (haven’t had time to check if any YN children in that so if YN then pick up and drop off usual times to office please) - no LilyPad on Monday whilst we get things set up and confirm cover with staff.  I will let you know on Monday what wraparound care we can provide dependent on the staff rota I can create. We have decided that children will wear school uniform (sorry if that disappoints some but for our children who need routine and structure it will really help so bear with us - for them school = uniform).  School will provide packed lunches or you can bring your own if you wish.  Trainers should be worn instead of school shoes.  Roughly we will do Home Learning things in morning and then fun stuff in afternoon - that’s all being planned this weekend and when we have timetable we will share it with you.  As time goes on we would also like to zoom (on line video link) some playtimes with friends who are at home, maybe share a worship by zoom - maybe share work etc - but likely to be towards end of week before we can do that:)

Those of you that have children who normally have 1:1, small group support or Time to Talk and who will be in school, rest assured we will use staff the children know and will share how that might look with you as soon as we can. 


2.  For those of you with your children at home the Coronavirus page on website has details about how to set up a school day at home and there is information on the pupil pages too - we think you have the toughest job as it will feel like a holiday or snow day but we need an eye on the longer term and it’s vital the children continue exploring, investigating growing their knowledge so they are not disadvantaged in the longer term.  We’ll aim to do more to help with that as we get in to next week but you have home learning packs and online links on pupil pages to get started with - maybe having the same routine as those in school of learning in the morning would be good too.  I suggest starting as you mean to go on and doing this from Monday:) 


3. Free School Meals - Thank you for your patience whilst we wrestle this particular problem!  The Government guidance is found here if you would like to read it -  This only applies to those children who are in receipt of Pupil Premium - it does not apply to the Universal Infant Free School Meal scheme - currently all children in YR/1/2 get free school meals - this guidance does not apply to them.   If your child is in receipt of pupil premium and they are in school (as part of the Key worker etc school opening procedures) we will be providing them with lunch.  If your child is not in school then we can them with £15 a week in the form of an Asda voucher (I tried to get other ones set up but it’s difficult to find an online way of doing this) - I have purchased these today but have not yet had confirmation email - they will come to you by email with a code you can show at checkout on your mobile phone or use online (if you can get a slot!!!!).  They will have to be sent weekly as the payment process is quite tricky to do in bigger bulks at this time. Please complete this form    if your child is eligible for Pupil Premium and is not coming to school next week. Vouchers will be emailed once received from Asda. 


We know that this social distancing time will be absolutely fine for some families, whilst others might find things tricky.  We are available to chat - to have a virtual cup of tea, lend a listening ear, have a laugh at how odd things are - if you need us we are here - just email in to or, if urgent, use my  In an odd switch around, whereas you normally entrust your precious children to us each morning, we are now entrusting their school based learning and development to you - we are here to help with that and be part of your virtual teaching team… maybe some of you will decide you love it and will find a new vocation in teaching:) 


Looking forward to seeing what next week will bring… enjoy your weekends, no school learning needs doing this weekend:) I aim to keep in touch at least weekly - there is no Newsblog today though - I think you’ve heard enough from me and I am off to have a nice…. cup of tea as I’m still on antibiotics so no G & T yet!


Kind regards