How to upload work to your child's CT?

How to upload work to your class teacher - school closure

There are number ways that you can upload work for your class teacher to see and respond to 


  1. Take a photo of the work and attach it to an email. Email work to the class email account - eg If they have written a piece of work on a computer using powerpoint or publisher, you can also email this. 

  2. Or log in to seesaw on a phone/table using the home school learning app that was sent home last week. Take a photo/or video of the work and upload it with a comment of what you were doing. All of the children have a log in and are abale to upload the work themselves (The work can only be seen by the class teacher and will be approved by them).

  3. Your teacher will either respond to your work via email or through the class seesaw app.

  4. EYFS - you can send pictures via your tapestry login 

If you need a new seesaw home learning code - please email