Owl and Squirrel Class Blog 1 2016

What an exciting first few weeks we have had in Owls and Squirrels...

The children have been making lots of new friends, exploring their new classroom and the wider school. We are really impressed that most of the children now come into class on their own and are becoming more independent. The children are now learning to put on their coats and do them up by themselves now that it is starting to get colder!
This term we have been learning all about ourselves, families and friends. We loved sharing the All About Me bags with the children and it allowed us to find out more about each child and their interests. We have been talking about things we do and do not like and things that make us feel happy or sad or worried. We have also been learning that it is good to share how we are feeling so that people can help us.
We have been practising recognising numbers and exploring lots of different ways of mark making which helps us build our muscles ready for writing! We have also been exploring autumn, making autumn pictures and using autumn objects to develop our counting skills.
Last week the children took home their Home Learning Books, which have lots of fun learning activities for you to complete at home as a family. Please make sure these are in the children’s bookbags every Monday so that the next sheet can be added.
We are all really enjoying our first term at school and we are learning lots and having to remember a lot of new things. This means we sometimes forget things such as bring home our jumpers. As long as they are named our teachers will find them and make sure we remember them the next day.

Don’t forget the Parent Workshop this Wednesday where you can come and find out about early writing and how to support your child become a confident writer!

If you have any question please come and talk to us and we will be happy to help.