Worried about a child

This page will be developed over the next academic year but in the meantime these links may be useful for you:-

If you're concerned about an adult/child on school premises the contact details for sharing these concerns can be found below.



















Children don't come with a handbook but if they did this Safe Parenting leaflet would be part of it.

Are you worried about abuse?  Look here for help.

We say No to Bullying - come and talk to us as soon as you have any concerns - if you would like more information about how to support your child try this website.

Sometimes families do split up - supporting your children through this isn't easy and the information here might help.  This could also be useful 

Mental health is a significant issue - how do you cope with parenting if you have a mental health problem?  This site has plenty of information to help.  If your child has needs in the area of emotional or mental well-being come in and share your concerns with us as we can access mental health support - this site has lots of ideas to help you too.