Summer 2, Week 6 (6/7) - Home learning activities, slides and resources

Hello Moles and Rabbits!

See links below for access to this weeks home learning activities, slides and resources. As always, there is no requirement to print any of the slides as all activities can be done straight into the children's books but you can if you want to. The slides will offer further explanation for each activity and you will find the home learning activities list at the front of the slides. 

Summer 2, Week 6 (6-7) - home learning activities and support slides

Summer 2, Week 6 (6-7) - Optional Maths worksheets to print

Summer 2, Week 6 (6-7) - Optional English worksheets to print

Summer 2, Week 5 and 6 (29-6/6-7) - Optional Topic worksheets to print

Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe!

The KS1 Home Learning Team :


This year Tadpole Farm will take part in our very own sock olympics. To accommodate those learning at home and those in school, I have organised an event that gets our competitive edge back during these strange times.

Every child from Nursery to YR6 has been placed into a House, these being Stanton, Mouldon, Lydiard, Shaw and Coate Water. The children will take part in eight activities that requires minimal equipment with the main item being a pair of socks!!! 

These activities can be completed across the week starting on the 6th July and ending on the 17th. 

Here are the olympics: Sock Olympic activities 2020! (A different type of sportsday!) 

Here is a video demonstrating all the actitvities! Video Demonstration

Once you've completed the 8 events PLEASE fill in our google doc before 5pm on Friday the 17th July to record your scores. I will then add them all up and reveal which house has won the 'Sock Olympics -' in 2020. Any results not filled in via the Google Doc or recorded after 5pm will not be counted.