Y6 Condover Hall 2018

Mon evening update

The WiFi and phone signal here are as old as the beautiful house we are in and so uploading photos is taking some time!  All is now quiet on our dormitory floor and we’ve had a great, though a bit wet, day 1. 
The children have been supportive of each other, fun to be with and have faced some fears - from heights to mud to sharing space with each other. 
Here’s a few highlights from today - 

Saying goodbye to Tadpole Farm.



A wet picnic stop













Rocket Launch





Then dinner - was yummy - then swimming- was fun and very loud - then star gazing- beautiful- then bed.. all quiet by 10:30 and adults just having a late night cup of tea. 

A great day one!

Last day for Y6 Condover Hall 2018
Our final day...

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Y6 Condover Hall 2018
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