Y6 Rock UK 2019

Day 1 - Monday 30th September 


It’s been an excellent day for our year 6 campers! The children got straight in to their first challenge...making their beds! We all got there in the end! We began the day with a team building activity where the children were blind folded and had to use great communication and team building skills to negotiate the obstacle course. This was made all the more difficult by the heavy rain that made the mud super slippy! Spiritis were not dampened... and nor were they, as we were kitted with their wellies and raincoats that have been put to dry in our very own drying room! Everyone enjoyed their first dinner which was either spaghetti bolognese or chicken pie! The portions were huge!


Despite all the excitement...the children managed to get their heads down at a reasonable time and are looking forward to the activities that Tuesday will bring! ... along with some exciting weather as predicted below!!!