Week 2

We've had another fun-packed week, full of learning new routines and making new friends on the big playground. We have also been excited about using our Learning Tiles and earning big, yellow smiley faces by being tidy, kind, and independent. This week, we also had our first Worship where we began learning about our value, 'Friendship.'

Can we say a big thank you to parents for allowing the children to be independent when they come in for their session. Children are settling quickly as a result of this, so thank you! On Friday, all of the children will be in so can we please ask that parents let the children who are coming in on their own in first so that they don't feel overwhelmed by the number of bodies in the corridor and classroom.

Can we also remind you that during this wet weather, please ensure that your child has a (named) coat as we play outside whatever the weather! 



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