COVID RECOVERY: DBAT Covid Pathway Plan - HOPE and COMMUNITY Planning a pathway to welcome all children back to school

Admission Policy


Accessibility Policy DBAT Level 2 Policy lasty updated April 2015

Accessibility Plan

Anti-bullying Policy

Behaviour Policy

Charges and Remissions Policy

Charges and Remissions Principles

Collective Worship Policy - Academy

Collective Worship Policy - DBAT

Complaints Policy - TFCEPA

GDPR - Data Protection

Election of Parent Members to the Local Board - Procedure for Nomination and Ballot

Equal Opportunities Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

Exclusion Policy

Foundation Members of the Local Board DBAT Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Preventing Policy

Relationship, Sex and Health Policy

SEND Policy 2020

SEND Information Report 2020

Safeguarding and Child Protection

Appendix for Covid 19 amendments (Safeguarding policy)

DBAT Whistleblowing Policy

Whole School Curriculum Overviews Y1 - 6 - for EYFS see Approach to ...document below

For detailed curriculum overviews for each year group please see class pages or if you are already one of our parents then you are, of course, always welcome to come in for a chat to find out more about the curriculum.  Prospective parents are welcome to join us on one of our regular prospective parent tours - just contact the School Office to make a booking.  We have developed a series of Approaches to... documents that give an overview of approaches to areas of learning across the school.

Age-related Expectation - guides for parents