School Council

School Council minutes - 28.2.19


Quiet Area:

It’s being used and enjoyed but not very well by some. Resources are not always being looked after. School council have decided we should have monitors who help the class tidy up the boxes. Children also decided it would be a good idea to have an outdoor clock in the quiet area so monitors will know when to start tidying up.

The school council members are going to ask their class and staff on the playground for feedback on how they think the area is going and what improvements we could make. We will add magnetic boards and reading books to a box. School Council members will speak to their class about showing respect to the resources and looking after everything otherwise they will be taken away for a while.

Murewa and Emily will come and work with Mrs Longhurst on Friday 1st March to devise an application for children to fill in to apply for monitor jobs


Class Council:

Classes are going to make sure that they have their class council times fortnightly and school council meetings will happen every other Thursday. Mrs Longhurst will make sure all of the classrooms have Class Council boards and new books given to members


Post Box:

School Council have decided it should be moved to the UKS2 library. Jasmine and Poppy have volunteered to make sure there is always paper and pencils available near the post box.


Collaboration with another School Council:

We discussed how it would be good to talk with children from a local School Council and perhaps work together on some projects. Mrs Longhurst and Mrs Knott will look into this.


A new position has become available within the School Council. Rabbits will elect a new member.