Frequently Asked Questions Coronavirus Information

Added 4.4.20

Q: How are the Academy Trust supporting the school?

A: Very well - their staff have been in contact and solving problems with us and alongside us - a letter to parents can be accessed here /content/pages/documents/1585996780.pdf

Q: Some people are getting FSM vouchers but I haven't had them - my child is in YR/1/2?

A: It's confusing isn't it - the Free School Meal replacement vouchers only apply to children whose parents have applied for and been accepted for Pupil Premium.  This is not the same as Universal Infant Free School Meals, which all children in YR/1/2 are entitled to - if you think your child may be eligible the first thing to do is to check on  If accepted then school will receive a notification and we will be able to add ou to the list for vouchers.


Q: I have children in different year groups - can I tweak their learning so we can do things together?

A: This question came up in one of the parent drop-in zoom sessions and one of the parents had done this with her children - was working for them and so she shared how she had done it - the photos below show the outcomes - we have passed this comment on to the teachers - they don't normally plan for working as a family(no surprise there!) but we have asked them to think about this going forward. If you have any suggestions to share with parents please email them in and I will post them here - thank you. 

Added 1.4.20

Q: When will school be open again?

A: Just like you, we are not sure when we will be open fully again.  As long as we all try and do what we have been asked then we hope and pray things will go back to normal as soon as possible.  It looks likely we may be out of school for all of Term 5.... and Term 6 is possible, though we hope not. 

Q: When I come back to school, will I be in my same year group?

A: What a good question.... it depends on when we come back to school - as soon as we know you will know too. Whatever happens we will help you settle back in to school and, once back, I'm sure we will all findour routines again very quickly.

Q: Why can't all the resources be on the website to reduce the number of emails parents are getting?

A:  This was a suggestion in the parents drop in on Tuesday 31/3.  Just like you, the teachers are learning how to teach remotely just as you are learning how to learn at home.  It will take us all a while to find the best way to do this.  Teachers will be uploading all resources to the website from after the Easter holidays to reduce emails as requested.  We will also be doing some more Zoom meetings and some online learning for Term 5 too. Please note, emails regarding zoom will not be added to the website as the links are need to stay within our school community so look out for those emails. 

Q: What do I do if my parent can't help me?

A: Parents are, mostly, not teachers and are doing their best - if you are stuck, email your calss email or ask questions via Seesaw.  We're not expecting you to spend all day learning like you would in school.  Your parent(s) may be working from home and getting used to a new routine too - so make sure you are checking in on them to see that they are OK. It's on odd time for everyone but is an ideal time to practise all our school values:) 

Q: My child doesn't seem keen to do the learning today/ won't listen to me/ I'm finding this all too hard and frustrating!!!

A:  You are not alone:)  What is being asked of all parents and families is a really hard thing.  Everyone, adults and children, is missing the interactions they have in a normal day.  The thing to remember is that none of us choose this situation - you didn't choose to home school and that is not what is expected of you.  Think of it more as supporting and facilitating rather than schooling.  If your child or you are having a tricky day then it's OK to switch to other things - maybe do things they enjoy - playing cards can include maths, writing a song togetehr is all about music, try doing sports and competitions or arty things or go for a science walk.  The school website has lots of ideas outside of the class learning too so remember it's OK to take a day off doing the class learning if that means that for you, as a family, things become more manageable. All of us are doing the best we can - some days our best is better than others... other days it's not and that is perfectly OK:).


Added 20.3.20


A: I, by mistake, put caps lock on when typing this question but actually shouty typing feels right hahahah.  Please check out the emails of 20.3.20 morning and evening ones for as much info as we have about this and then email me any questions you have got and I'll try and help. 

Q: My child gets free School Meals - I've heard I can I get some vouchers?

A:  All children in YR/1/2 get free school meals but they are not all eligible for the vouchers.  If you applied via the council for what's called Pupil Premium, which includes free school meals for any year group, then read on... From 20.3.20 evening email The Government guidance is found here if you would like to read it -  This only applies to those children who are in receipt of Pupil Premium - it does not apply to the Universal Infant Free School Meal scheme - currently all children in YR/1/2 get free school meals - this guidance does not apply to them.   If your child is in receipt of pupil premium and they are in school (as part of the Key worker etc school opening procedures) we will be providing them with lunch.  If your child is not in school then we can them with £15 a week in the form of an Asda voucher (I tried to get other ones set up but it’s difficult to find an online way of doing this) - I have purchased these today but have not yet had confirmation email - they will come to you by email with a code you can show at checkout on your mobile phone or use online (if you can get a slot!!!!).  They will have to be sent weekly as the payment process is quite tricky to do in bigger bulks at this time. Please complete this form    if your child is eligible for Pupil Premium and is not coming to school next week. Vouchers will be emailed once received from Asda. 

Q: I have paid upfront for a trip/dinners/disco/LilyPad or other event - will  I get a refund?


Year 4 trip (27/3/2020) to Aerospace  - as this was cancelled by the venue as they have closed their doors we will begin refunding that next week.

Any FOTF disco tickets that were purchased will be refunded. 

Still awaiting information about some things:

Lion King - awaiting information

Residential - hoping normality returns by then and we'll be there so keep payemnts going if you can - take a payment holiday if you can't and we'll look at this after Easter. 

Year 1 trip - technically Westonbirt have not cancelled on us yet, so we need to know how we go about refunds - will look at next week

We will, on a daily basis, start refunding hot dinners for pupils paid that are not in.Refunds will go on to Parent Pay and you will be able to refund on to your card/account from there.  If you are not sure how to do this please email and we will help from middle next week onwards. 

LilyPad - we are discussing how best to apporach this with DBAT next week - the problem is we are still paying staff but you are not receiving the service - if we refund everything it comes out of the school budget but we also recognise your own budgets are under pressure ... other providers are charging anyway to'keep the place'; some providers are charging a %.  I will resolve this next week and update you. 


Added 17.3.20

Q: Do you have any resources I could use to explain CV to younger children or my SEND child?

A: You could try this social story - see 17.3.20 evening email - we're working on an editable version for you. 

Q: My child/family member is in one of the vulnerable groups announced yesterday - what should we do?

A: Look at the advice given and if you are unsure then call your GP for advice - we understand that it's not an easy decision and self-isolating is such a big ask -  is a useful government guide. 

Added 16.3.20

Q: How do I explain Coronavirus to my children without worrying them?

A: You might find this link useful - - and Newsround has age appropriate content

Q: What about sporting fixtures? 

A: These will be cancelled from today.

Q: Are there any confirmed cases of CV in school?

A: Not that we are aware of - a very small number of families are self-isolating for family health reasons/personal reasons but do not have CV

Q: I've emailed in to school and not yet had a reply and am worried?

A: I'm sorry if this is your experience - Mr Spencer, Mrs Wilding and myself do try and clear all emails each day and we genuinely want to help and support you all.  There are days when we don't get to emails until the evening, just because we're putting other measures or business as usual in place.  Rest assured, we do read them all and will try to reply as soon as we can - try looking on these FAQs for help as that might answer your query. 

Q: Some children have been sent home with high temps and coughs - should this be a worry?

A: In school we have all those usual illnesses - a sickness bug; a snotty cold/wet cough; chicken pox and scarlet fever - we are not aware that any member of the school community has CV and we have sent home children who feel unwell in the way we always would.   It is a worrying time and we understand that - if you need advice contact 111 on line. 

Q: What about events such as Junior Voice Festival?  Are we still going? What about trips?

A: For events not managed by us we will await information from organisers and then inform you as soon as we know - you can then decide what you want your child to do.  For trips organised by ourselves, we will review each situation closer to the trip date - we have the trips on our Coronavirus plan (yes we really do have one:)) and know when we need to begin to look at options.  

Added before 15.3.20

Q: What if our family has no symptoms and I decide our whole family will self-isolate even though school is open?

A: You can of course do this but that would not be following the government advice.  If you do do this, then we have been advised that it should be for no longer than 14 days, after which the absence would be unauthorised.  We will update this guidance if the situation changes.

Q: My child has had a cough for a few weeks, should I keep them off school?

A: It's tricky isn't it - what constitutes a new and persistent cough? We suggest you seek medical advice online and use that to make your decision.  If your child has a temperature above normal we would advise keeping them off school for 7 days as per the government advice.  

Q: What can I do to help support the school?

A: We have been so pleased with the people who have offered this - please share your details on the form here

Q: My child normally has free school meals - can you help with this I'm really worried about how we will cope if school closes?

A: This is something we are looking at solutions for - please email if this is a concern you have and we will find a way to support you and your family - you are part of our school family and we will help care for you. 

Q: If we self-isolate and school is open will you still set work for our children?

A: Your child has access to the Home Learning via the class pages and this will be the best place to start.  As the situation goes on we will be adding other resources but please bear in mind that, if school is still open, the staff are still leading learning in school so their time is limited. If school were to close then learning will be set for all children.