Parental Feedback

Results of Parental Engagement Survey-  March 2020

What is the best time for the coffee mornings/ workshops?

50% of those who responded were happy with coffee morning/ workshops beginning by 9am, however 30% of you stated that 6:00pm would be preferable.

Therefore, we plan to recommence offering evening workshops three times a year, covering topics requested by you.

Which forms of communication do you use?

The favourite method of communication for those of you who responded was email, closely followed by Seesaw and Tapestry.

Most of you also appreciated the blog, parents meetings and show me sessions.


Under 40% used our website and Twitter, so we aim to raise the profile of both and keep each updated regularly.

What other comments do you have about our communication?

Thank you for your comments on our approach to communication. Many of you like the way you can speak to a staff member at drop off, and find most of us approachable. We had a few suggestions on how we could improve communication at Tadpole Farm and so have a plan to make us even better:


Although dates are in the calendar so you can plan ahead, we recognise that the details that follow are sometimes later than we would like. We will aim to give details of any event at least two weeks ahead of time.


Sometimes, you receive the blog on a Sunday evening.

We will aim to send the blog by the end of the school day on Friday.


Those of you who have children in Nursery and Reception will know the value of using Tapestry to communicate between school and home. You have asked if we can use Seesaw in the same manner.

We will investigate further but it appears that Seesaw does not have the same flexibility as Tapestry. We will contact the company to see if that is something they could offer.

Some of you have requested paper copies of emails/ letters as you prefer to have something you can handle. As you know, we aim to be a paperless school so this is not something we do as a rule. 

However, if you request a paper copy of a specific communication, we will happily print one for your child to take home.


Topics you would like to know more about...

Maths/ SATS/ English

familes activities

reading, attachment, confidence, writing

child mental health/ internet safety/ dealing with body changes

home learning approaches


Emotional/social support

Dealing with childs anxieties, worries, n inclusion across the school. Embracing differences.

SEND advice and support, learning ideas to support our children, questions and answers with key professionals, sessions on how we can support our school, 

behavioural topics, family relationship topics, 

building self confidence in kids, first aid for kids, tools against bullying, happy childhood, 

Social skills, listening skills, being respectful

Approach to learning at the school.

Phonics, teaching of reading, maths strategies


Some of these are topics we have already covered in our coffee mornings and you may find some resources to support you here:


We will use your feedback to plan next term’s coffee mornings and to plan an evening workshop in term 6. 

Parental Feedback
Parental feedback