Parental Feedback

We welcome parental feedback at any time - please email in to school or pop in to see us.  We have a parental survey at the end of each academic year and the feedback from last year's is below.


Parent Survey 2015/16 Initial Feedback

Thank you to all those of you who responded to our parent survey - we have already put in to place some of the responses to your feedback:


  •  more opportunities to come in to school to see your child's work - we have put in place the 'Show Me' sessions, to look at books, once a term, plus the parental access to Tapestry and Seesaw - both online applications that give you the opportunity to see what your children are doing in school that may not be recorded in a book 
  • more opportunities to join in worship  - each term one of the classes will lead a normal weekly worship to which that classes families are invited; times of school services have been varied to allow those with varied shift patterns to attend at least one service during the year; an open invitation is given to you all to join us for one Friday Celebration worship a term, where children's achievement and effort is celebrated. 
  • more notice of dates, times, need for dressing up etc - see calendar for this information
  • Information on staff names and roles - contained in blog at start of year and also on website 
  • Provide parental workshops to help us support our children - see calendar for schedule of content 

One aspect we were asked about was more notice of school trips in terms of when money is needed to be paid.  These are not yet in the calendar but we will aim to give you at least one terms notice of any trip, though we may keep location a surprise if it's part of a big topic launch.  Trips are most likely to happen in terms 3 - 6 and any cost will be kept to under £20 per child.