Worried about a child

If you're concerned about an adult/child on school premises the contact details for sharing these concerns can be found below.

Safeguarding Information

If you have any concerns regarding safeguarding then please contact:


Safeguarding Information

If you have any concerns regarding safeguarding then please contact:



John Spencer

Designated Safeguarding Lead & Acting School Principal

Emma Holt

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead & Early Years Lead.

(Monday - Thursday only)

Sharon Bennett-Thomas

Co-Chair of Local Board & Safeguarding Lead Local Board Member  

(Should you have safeguarding concerns regarding the ActingSchool Principal, or Deputy Principals in John's absence then you must contact Sharon)

In John’s absence, then please contact one of the following staff members


Alison Flynn

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead &

Inclusion Manager

(Monday - Wednesday only)

Anna Salter

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead &

Inclusion Officer

Nicola Wilding

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead &

School Business Manager

Alternatively, you can contact Social Services via the number below

Family Contact Point  on 01793 466903 OR                   Emergency Duty Service 01793 436699

Useful Websites: Swindon Local Safeguarding Children's Board: www.swindonlscb.org.uk         NSPCC: www.nspcc.org.uk

South West Child Protection Procedures:  www.swcpp.org.uk



Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust

Authentically Christian: Nurturing Excellence and Serving Communities

Children don't come with a handbook but if they did this Safe Parenting leaflet would be part of it.

Are you worried about abuse?  Look here for help.

We say No to Bullying - come and talk to us as soon as you have any concerns - if you would like more information about how to support your child try this website.

Sometimes families do split up - supporting your children through this isn't easy and the information here might help.  This could also be useful 

Mental health is a significant issue - how do you cope with parenting if you have a mental health problem?  This site has plenty of information to help.  If your child has needs in the area of emotional or mental well-being come in and share your concerns with us as we can access mental health support - this site has lots of ideas to help you too.