Young Carers

Approach to Young Carers  


At Tadpole Farm CEPA we are committed to supporting Young Carers and their families. As a school we have worked towards the Young Carers Award which raises awareness and provides support to our Young Carers. We want them to be recognised, feel supported and know they have someone to speak to if they need help. 

What is a Young Carer?

A Young Carer looks after someone that has a disability, long-term illness, mental health problem, or a problem with drugs or alcohol. This person may be a family member or a close friend. Young Carers will take on different responsibilities, this could be nursing tasks, domestic chores, supervision, emotional support or communication support. 


At Tadpole Farm CEPA, we have a designated Young Carer Lead, Hannah Milsom, who is there to offer support to each Young Carer . 

If you think your child could be a Young Carer, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can offer the support that you need. 

The YC Lead will respect the privacy of the YC and will only share information with the people that need to know. We will always consult with the young carer before information is shared.

There will be flexibility given to young carers on work that is due, whether this work is within school or work to be completed at home.

We will provide one to one support and group support for young carers.

We will provide access to a telephone to enable the young carer to call home during break times if required.

We will run sessions on young carers in the PSHE for each year group, to help all children understand the issues, carers’ rights and the support available.

Our nominated Young Carer Lead will be available for time to talk sessions with the children if they have had a stressful day or night, or anytime they feel need to talk about any worries or concerns.

We are supported by Swindon Young Carers group, whose website you can access here.