Autumn 2 Week 1

Welcome back Foxes and Badgers! It's been a cold and foggy start to Term 2 which has actually been great as we have been thinking about different weather and seasons this week! We returned back to school to see lots of Toy Story toys busy in our Burrow! It got us thinking about what they were doing, what had happened before this and what might happened next?! This lead us to create our first story mountain ready for our first story write next week. In Maths, we have impressed all of the teachers with our shape knowledge. We have been exploring 2D shapes and their properties and have learnt some great new facts. The children were amazed to learn that a square is actually a rectangle too and that there is no such thing as an 'upside down triangle', it's a triangle no matter which way it is held! In Art/Science, we made some beautiful collage trees showing our 4 seasons; they look splendid up on our walls and adds lots of colour to our classroom. 


Have a great weekend everyone,


Mrs Longhurst and Miss Grace


P.S. If children bring gloves and hats to school, please make sure they are named and they have practised putting them on (it can get quite trickyand tiring putting 30 sets of gloves on 4 x a day!) :o)