Term 1, Week 5

Adding to the theme of the term...it's been a busy one this week! 

In science we have been using our senses to try and help Pog the Wizard work out if his ingredients were salt or sugar as he lost his labels! In geography, we have been looking at different types of houses and have learnt some new vocabulary! Ask your child what type of house they live in  and see if they can remember! (Detached, semi-detached, terraced etc). In maths, we have been subtracting using physical resources and then having a go at writing number sentences. We have been learning to write sentences with the conjunction 'and' to join 2 sentences in our english. We have also read a fantastic book about diversity called 'Mixed' which the children LOVED! 

Don't forget it's our Parent Zoom on Monday where the children will be showing off their favourite pieces of work so far!

Happy Weekend!


Year One