Term 6 week -5

Hi everyone,

It has been another busy week! The children enjoyed meeting their new teachers and TAs and visiting new classes. The children embraced the changes well and showed resilience during the transition; well-done, Rabbits and Moles! The children also met Kate and Jason: two community police officers, who taught the children how to stay safe and even got a chance to listen to the siren. 

In English, we are re-visiting different punctuations and their different purposes. In Math, we are exploring using mental arithmetic to solve by adding three single-digit numbers. This week in science, we have been investigating to answer three questions:

1: How does the height of the ramp affect the distance the car goes? 

2: How does the car's weight affect the distance the vehicle goes? 

3: How does the surface texture of the landing area affect the distance the car goes?

The children predicted, conducted and compared their findings to make conclusions. 

The children throughly enjoyed the experiment prt and were amazed by some findings.

See you on Monday everyone, ave a fantastic weekend !