Y5 - Home Learning

English - write a mini saga about a topic of your choice. You must use one expanded noun phrase and one fronted adverbial. We would expet to see WOW word choices too! Remember, mini sagas are 50 words and MUST have a clear beginning, middle and end! You are telling a story in less than 50 words- be creative! 


Maths - please complete the below activity based on short division. The stars at the top of the page indicate the difficulty (1 star = 1 chilli, 2 star = 2 chilli and 3 stars = 3 chilli).

Short division word problems


Spellings - we are asking children to repractise last week's spellings (the mixture of year 5 statutory spellings) as it's really important that they are confident with these. If the 200 high frequency words are usually practised, please feel free to continue with these. 


Have a lovely week!laugh