Set: 06/05/2022 Due in: 13/05/2022

Year 6 Home Learning - Set: 06/05/2022 Due in: 013/05/2022

Hello Frogs and Toads!

We are now in our last few days before SATs. You have worked so hard all year, so it is really important that you spend your time this weekend wisely. Your homework is to complete as many as these tasks as you can: 

- Enjoy spending time with your friends and family 

- Watch your favourite TV programme or film 

- Rest

- Go outside and enjoy the nice weather 

- Go for a walk or a bike ride

-  Spend time doing your favourite hobby

- Eat lots of sweets, chocolate and ice-cream 

- Smile

- Laugh until your stomach hurts 

- Do anything that makes you happy!


If you feel that you need to revise, then you may do so. However, don't spend too much time on it - we've got this!

Have an amazing weekend and we will see you at our SATs Breakfast on Monday morning at 8:15am. 


Remember: clear water bottles, positive attitudes and smiling faces! 


 We hope you have a lovely weekend,

The Year Six Team