Y6 - Home Learning

Hello Y6, 

We're already at the end of week 2! Time flies when you're having fun, huh?!

This week you have some more weird spellings, a little bit of maths based on our recap of %, decimals and fractions and we're asking you to dedicate some time to learning your lines for our production: Olivia! There's a website with a few helpful hints and tips to help you when learning your lines. Don't forget to learn the stage directions for your scene too! You have until the 1st July to know your lines off by heart as we will be doing a full run through with no scripts on this day. 


Maths - converting between %, decimals and fractions (1 chilli - 3 cards, 2 chilli - 5 cards, 3 chilli 8 cards)*



*Please show your workings out - you will not get a mark if you don't. You can choose any of the cards as long as you complete the amount specified for your chilli. Yes, the answers are on the PDF but this does not mean you look at them. They're there for you to check your answers, should you wish to. Alternatively, we will go through the answers and explanations in class on Friday. Stuck? I've included the video we used in class to help us to jog your memory. 



As always, feel to grab a Y6 adults to answer any questions you may have. 


Have a lovely weekend!

The Y6 Team