Phonics in Reception

Phonics in Reception

We have been using Monster Phonics in school to support your children with learning Phonics for reading and writing. To support your children at home, we wanted to share with you the resources we use in class (including sound mats, tricky word mats, sound flash cards, letter formation sheets and ryhmes to remember the sound) 

Practising these sounds at home using the same resources that we have in school will really support to consistency of advice for the children! Any questions please come and catch us on the gate or email us on: or 

Trick Words: (Reception is focussed on Phase 2 and 3) 

Tricky Word Mat (Phase 2 Tricky Words Song) (Phase 3 Tricky Tricky Words Song)

Sound Mats (Phase 2 and 3) 

Phase 2 and 3 sound mats

When using these sound mats we remind the children of the sound with different rhymes. The rhymes use the sound and the pciture to help support their memory. 
Sometimes just a reminder of the ryhme can allow the child to form sound correctly or find it on the sound mat. You can see the rhymes here

Letter Formation

To make sure your child is forming their letters in the correct way you can use this easy sheet. It helps to see where the children should be starting the letter and finishing it by following the arrows. 

Letter Formation Support

Phonics Flash Cards

At the end of Term 2 we sent home some phonics flashcards to help you practise the sounds we had been learning at home. If you have found these helpful, please let us know and we can send the next lot home to attach to your treasury tag. For now, you can access a PDF version of all the sounds we have learnt so far: Phonics Flash Cards

Thank you all for your ongoing support, 

Miss Brandenburg, Miss Cowan and the YR team :)