School Lunches

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School Lunches

Our School Dinners are provided to our children through Sodexo and are ordered through their meal ordering app School Food United. They follow the ‘Five Foodie Days’ rule, to ensure that the menus are suitable for primary school children, offering a modern, fresh approach to school meals that consists of the following approach - 

  • Planet Earth Day - A focus on plant based food with the opportunity to try new and interesting vegetables. Look out for when we have special tasting sessions.
  • Street Food Day - Taking high street favourites that pupils said they would like to try. There will be two ‘grown up days for KS2 when food is served in a fancy box just like the “high street” Look out for special days when KS1 are invited to join in. 
  • World Food Day - An opportunity for pupils to explore foods from different countries such as Mexico and America. Look out for when school celebrates the chosen country. 
  • Originals Day - This is about traditional, familiar and favourite foods. Look out for your favourites - our roast is even going to be different! 
  • Favourite Friday - More than just fish and chips! A range of favourites for fun Fridays Look out for days when its other favourites like pizza or sausage rolls.

An example of this academic year’s menus can be found at the bottom of this page. 

You are also welcome to send your child in with a packed lunch. 

If you are sending your child in with a packed lunch please note that we support The NHS ‘Better Health’ scheme and encourage you to ensure that all the main food groups are covered in your child’s packed lunch -

  • Carbohydrates - to give you energy, calcium and B vitamins. 
  • Protein - think of proteins as building blocks for the body. They help it grow and repair itself. Great for learning days. 
  • Dairy products, like yogurts and healthy cheeses. 
  • Fruit and vegetables.

Their website contains lots of information on what is and what is not a healthy choice, including lots of fun and interesting recipe ideas. Because we support families making healthy choices we will pop a note in your child’s lunch bag, if we feel an unhealthy choice has been made. 

Please note that we are a nut-free school, including all cereal bars and chocolate spreads.


Weekly Lunch Menu

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